Quo vadis

Public broadcasting organisations are facing radical changes. They were created more than half a century ago with the aim of reaching all population groups with a linear full programme. But today most public media houses have become an anachronism. Security and quality form the foundation and historically grown structures the pillars of such media companies. These and numerous other factors in public media companies prevent rapid decisions and ongoing adjustments to a complex, technology-oriented world.

The search for future legitimacy

Broad access to information, opportunities for free opinion-forming and offers for cultural cohesion, on the other hand, form the mission and the roof of these socially relevant institutions. More than ever, public media houses are dependent on adapting to digital reality in order to ensure their legitimacy in the future.

About futurepublic.media

futurepublic.media deals with the current challenges of public media companies, provides solutions in the form of a manifesto and should thus enable a future-oriented debate. All the more interesting is your opinion - here we can discuss.

Konrad Weber

The author of futurepublic.media is Konrad Weber, journalist and digital strategist at Swiss Radio and Television. He has made this platform possible with the support of numerous fellow thinkers as part of his Master's degree in Digital Management at Hyper Island.